Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter on the Jersey Shore

This year we were here on the Jersey Shore.  It was a fairly quiet day, with a small hunt for eggs around the house with my daughter.  Spent a little time at my brother's with his family, and an old friend in town came for a visit and to trim my nephew's hair.  The afternoon was spent on the deck enjoying the super warm weather (Finally!!) with my grandma and editing pics.  Topped off with a yummy prime rib dinner and 2 hours of folding laundry - yes I was that behind!!

I love that one!

We had a lot of fun this weekend, including splashing in puddles and dying eggs.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sweet and Cute!

My last mini-session of the day consisted of two sisters.  Both are just so sweet and just adorable! And all that beautiful hair made for some fun! They were natural models in front of the camera, it was such a joy shooting them.

The contrasting colors of the matching jackets was just perfect!

OMG! This photo blows my mind.  I LOVE it!  Those hats!!  The perfect pose and smiles!

Wardrobe change!  It was awesome that their mom brought props and extra clothes to change it up!

If they don't get this one in a large print and hang it on their wall, I might just have to.

Thank you Sherri for the chance to step into your world for a little while 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Future Model and Future Heartbreaker

I was very lucky to shoot a dear friend's two girls today.  This shoot was so fun and full of high energy! Two sisters with very different personalities, and getting to enter their world for a half hour was a total blast!  I would so tag along on all their family outings and vacations just for the laughs! Thank you Karyn for that half hour of fun!

The Future Super Model having some fun and letting loose

And the Future Heartbreaker - that is if the boys can ever possibly keep up! 

Wrangled in 4 Kids

Wrangling in four kids is a huge undertaking!  And totally WORTH it!  This morning I had the chance to do a mini photo session with my niece and nephew and their two cousins.  When I can get them to sit for half a second, something magical happens.

Chasing them down to the gazebo for our session.

I think this one above might just be my favorite.

I still have so many more to edit, but just wanted to a little something from our romp in the sun! Goodbye winter!